Fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and legumes are the core of a good vegan diet, but for the vegan home-cook, you might find some of your go-to kitchen cupboard ingredients need a little switching up, which is why we’ve designed our vegan storecupboard starter kit.

This is a box full of alternative cooking ingredients, some storecupboard essentials and a little introduction to food-stuffs you might not have tried before.

Once you get going, visit the rest of our food & drink store for dried foods, cereals and of course, our restaurant quality fruit and vegetable boxes

Vecon is a concentrated vegetable stock, used for flavouring dishes. It is popular amongst vegetarians, as it can be used to replace other stock in soups, stews, etc. It is fortified with a number of vitamins that are rarer in vegetarian or vegan diets, such as iron and vitamin B₁₂.

Jackfruit is a sweet, delicious and exotic fruit that is packed with many nutrients and benefits. Jackfruit is known as the jack of all fruits. It is a rich source of vitamin, minerals, phytonutrients, carbohydrate, electrolytes, fiber, fat and protein. This fruit also contains calorie but no cholesterol or saturated fats.

Its firm texture makes it a great meat replacement in curries

An organic vegan alternative to gelatine. Perfect for creating delicious desserts and jellies.

This truly delicious spaghetti shaped bean pasta is made from only pure edamame beans. It is packed with protein for those of you following a high protein diet, or who avoid meat protein

These are packed with fibre and with anti inflammatory properties, full of plant protein and provide a range of amino acids.

Sprinkle over cereals or add to smoothies and baking.

Use to make an authentic Japanese miso soup or to season and enrich the flavour of stews, casseroles, sauces and salad dressing. You could almost think of it as stock, with big umami (meaty) flavours

A popular vegetarian meat alternative. Simply soak in water for 4-5 minutes, drain and use as if diced meat. Also takes marinades very well.

Tofu is ideal for all types of Oriental dishes. It is very versatile and absorbs the flavours it is cooked with.

Don’t take the description ‘yeast flakes’ at name value, its a delicious and versatile ingredient, a gluten-free, vegan food with a cheesy, nutty taste.

Made from primary inactive yeast, without artificial additives or preservatives, these yeast flakes are the ideal condiment to sprinkle on soups, stews, casseroles, salads and pasta to enhance the flavour. You can also use it to make vegan cheesy sauce and vegan cheese to trick even the staunchest of meat eaters, and to thicken and add flavour to risotto.

Does what it says on the tin, but you can also be happy that no palm fat or emulsifiers are used.

The Groovy Food Co produce this organic sweetener from the blue webber agave plant.

It makes a great alternative to refined brown sugar, artificial sweeteners or honey. Use drizzled over food, stirred into drinks, or in baking.

Chickpeas are widely used in vegan cooking and to be honest, you’d be better buying dried chickpeas in bulk (which we also stock). But these black chick peas are something special with a nuttier taste and buttery texture and they also have a much higher fiber content.

While you're picking your box up, we'd like to give you a freshly baked loaf of our beautiful sourdough bread to enjoy while you start planning your new vegan diet!


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