Very, very hot!

"Black Garlic and Carolina Reaper chillies? What name would be more fitting than Black Death?Made with home made black garlic (garlic which has gone through a 14 day fermentation process resulting in a sweet and syrupy flavour with hints of balsamic and soy), dark muscovado sugar, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes and Carolina Reaper chillies, the current Guinness world record holder of heat. This sauce tickles your taste buds with a deep, rich, umami flavour that then follows through with a wallop of heat.It can be used as a condiment or ingredient. Mix with passata and spread it on the base of a pizza, add it to your pasta dishes, red meats, chicken, cheese and biscuits... The options are endless This is the hottest of our Black Garlic range.

Black Death - Chilli of the Valley


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